Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My tiny terror, Pepper, has now become a big bully. He keeps Alan scared to even pet him, which seems to suit the cat just fine.

However, I'm still trainable, so he has me trained just like he wants me.

I decided Pepper wasn't getting enough exercise, since he was supposed to be an inside cat only. Since Maine coons are more dog-like than like cats, I decided to train him a little. He will do almost anything to get a "snack".  His favorite place to plant himself is in front of the television while we're trying to watch a show.

I started training him to lay down with either voice command or hand signals. So far, so good. Now we've graduated to rolling over on command, this time by hand signals. I just can't seem to now convince him he's supposed to wait until I signal before he shows off for a snack.

While I'm trying to blog, he spends his time jumping on the desk and throwing himself over on his back. He throws himself so hard, you can hear his little head go "thunk" when it hits the wooden desk.  Maine Coons are natural clowns, so he does it over and over. I swear he's going to eventually have brain damage.

If I attempt to start ignoring him, he bites. In his defense, he removes his teeth from the holes in my hand on the loud screaming voice command "DON'T BITE MAMA!". He then lays his little head on my left hand that is trying to type, reaches over and pats me with his little paw to comfort me and con me into thinking he loves me, and goes sound asleep.

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