Thursday, March 22, 2012


Trying to control a cat is almost impossible. Trying to control a big hateful cat is totally impossible.

I have insisted that Pepper is going to be an inside cat. Pepper's attitude is "The hell I am". I'm quickly losing the  argument.

The problem is my ex, who has alzheimer's and I signed on as his caretaker. He just can't remember to shut the cat up before he opens a door. The cat remembers. This happens several times a day.

If I don't see it happen, the only way I know the cat is missing is to finally see him chasing butterflies in my herb bed or see Alan zipping past my sun room, trying to chase Pepper around the house. The cat can shoot past Alan so quickly that he doesn't even realize or remember the cat got out. It's like a three-ring circus trying to control both of them at the same time. It's like trying to corral mice.

Two kittens playing chase is amusing and will make your whole day brighter. Watching Alan and the cat playing chase several times a day is enough to screw up the whole week.  The only way I can catch the little snot is to grab him by his tail  (the cat, not Alan) when he finally slows down for a minute.

So far he's been content to stay in the yard and chase butterflies and grasshoppers. I'm afraid he'll decide to explore the woods and get himself in trouble.

He's still rolling over on command, but now, when he wants a snack, he grabs my arm, pulls it over and flops over on his back while throwing his head on my hand so he doesn't bang his head on the desk.

Pepper is coming up on his second birthday this coming June. He's starting to lose some of that wild streak. He's calming down a little, but I'm really looking forward to him maturing a little more.

Measured him a few weeks ago when I caught him stretched out on the floor. I mis-measured, measuring from tip of tail to tip of front feet. The correct way to measure your cat's length is tip of tail to the tip of the nose. He's about 36 inches long. Can't wait to get him to the vet and weigh him. He's very muscular and heavy. I believe I already mentioned he's hateful.

It all becomes forgivable though when he jumps up, pulls my hand over and wants to hold hands because we're friends.

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